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Media Buying 101: Choose All Pro Media

Why sift through proposal after proposal from media salespeople, or worse, take the first offer that comes your way? All Pro Media’s years of television, print, and web buying experience can make your life easier and help you to buy more effectively.

What sets All Pro Media apart from other advertising agencies? Utilizing over two decades of advertising industry experience, you will benefit from our:

  • Aggressive value-oriented market approach
  • Unbiased and comprehensive view of the availabilities
  • Meticulous shopping through numerous stations and cable providers
  • Analysis of market demographics, cost per point, and more
  • Extensive TV buying experience in North Carolina markets and beyond
  • Volume buying, as we serve numerous clients in multiple markets
  • Added cost savings from our in-house TV production and Graphic Design Services

We do the work making your life easier, and we’ll tell you the truth: if TV is not the best fit for you, we will suggest another route.

Steve and Nancy Whitfield“Two months before we did a commercial we would walk into a social setting and a few people would talk to us. We walk in now and lots of people talk to us!” Nancy Whitfield

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