Camera Crane & Dolly

Adding movement is another way to engage your audience within a video. We offer both a camera jib/crane and a portable dolly as additions to our production packages.  They are also available for rent by the day.

Why Create Camera Movement?

The movement of either the camera crane or dolly can be dramatic or subtle, yet add perspective and viewer interest.  Each has its own unique advantages in production.

What’s a Jib Good for?

  • Add drama to product shots
  • Get extreme low and high angles
  • Great for tracking subjects in motion
  • Create dynamic scene transitions
  • Shoot smooth motion over obstacles (like furniture)
  • Can be used instead of a steady cam in some situations
  • Enhance production value with subtle camera movement
  • High production value, low cost

The Many Uses of a Jib

Factory Video Jib Overview

Jib Crane Specs

  • 10′ camera height on standard jib
  • 16′ camera height with extension height
  • Remote control Pan/Tilt head
  • LCD Monitor
  • Heavy-Duty pedestal stand with wheels
  • Sets up and breaks down in under 15 minutes. (longer with extension arm)
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Assorted counterweights to balance a variety of cameras up to 50lbs
  • Sections stored in cary bags with straps for easy transportation

Portable Dolly Specsslider-dolly

  • Creates dynamic camera pan and zoom movements
  • Accents separation between foreground and background objects
  • Sets up in less than 5 minutes
  • Can be used with standard 6’ bar, or on other smooth surfaces
  • Versatile applications

Cinevate Duzi Camera Slider

Another way to add motion on set is with a camera slider. Camera sliders can create dynamic, HD camera movements at very little cost. This tool is very lightweight and small, making it the perfect piece of equipment to grab and go on any shoot. In the field, the slider can be set up in a variety of different ways to achieve unique angles and perspectives. Learn more about our Cinevate Duzi Camera Slider in our video below.

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