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Audio / Video Transfers and Duplication Services

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Video Transfers to DVD*

*From consumer formats only including VHS, VHS-C,S-VHS, 8mm, Hi8, and Mini-DV

DVD Transfers and DuplicationDVD Transfer includes disc, text printed on white background, slimline box or poly case.  Standard charges below include up to 2 hours transfer of full contents of single tape no editing

  • DVD up to 2 hours – Full contents of single tape no editing: $25.00
  • Additional full tape to same DVD $15.00 each
  • Specific start/stop time $10.00 each

Film Transfer

Priced per foot plus $65 setup charge

  • Less than 1000 = $0.175
  • 1000 foot plus = $0.125
  • 3000 foot plus = 0.10

Other Transfers

Beta Transfers to digital videoTransfer to Betacam, MiniDV or D9 $75 hour plus materials. Transfer to DVD – supervised $50 hour. Transfer to VHS with Time-code $35 hour.

DVD & CD Copies

Audio Transfer to CDDVD & CD copies include disc, “text on white” printing on disc, slimline box or poly case.

250 +call for $call for $
1000 +call for $call for $

Add $0.50 per disc for full coverage ink; a design charge may apply.

Photos to DVD – Standard pricing

Price includes:

  1. scan or shoot photos
  2. Synchronize to music
  3. Transitions including effects
  4. DVD master
Aprox. Length# PhotosCostExtra Photos (ea)
3-4 min25$200$7
5-6 minutes50$300$6
9-11 minutes75$400$6
10-12 minutes100$500$5
13 min & upCall for pricing

Blank Media

Mini DV 60 min tapes D9 – 60 min tapes D9 – 104 min tapes Betacam 30 min tape Betacam 60 min tape Betacam 90 min tape VHS tape DVD Master Discs

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