Helix Jr gimbal from Letus35

The Helix Jr gimbal from Letus35 is your perfect solution for small to mid-size cameras such as DSLRs or mirrorless.  This rig supports up to a 12 pound payload.  Balance and Calibration are both made easy with the Helix Jr Give your video a boost with fluid and smooth movement. The kit comes with the gimbal, 2 batteries, a mounting plate and weights for balance. Contact us for pricing.

Helix Jr gimbal from Letus35 SPECIFICATIONS:

  • 3-axis stabilization with encoded motors
  • WiFi and Bluetooth installed
  • RC 2nd Operator Mode (optional)
  • Payload up to 8lbs (up to 12lbs if the the setup is less than 8″ long)
  • Weight:
    • Aluminum: 5.25lb without battery  / 5.75lb with battery
    • Magnesium: 4.25lb without battery  / 4.75lb with battery
  • Dimension: 16″ (40 cm) span handle to handle
  • 2,600mAh 14.8V Lithimum-ion battery and charger included (0.5lb)
  • Compatible with: 
    • Mirrorless cameras
    • DSLR cameras
    • Mid-size cine cameras (setup must be compact)


Helix Jr. is wired according to US standards where red pin is Positive (+). Any 3rd-party power accessories must be compatible.