It’s become obvious that connecting with and informing customers are the new status quo of online marketing.

Let’s examine 4 ways to meet those goals and bring more customers to your website:

  1. Develop a Social Media Strategy across Multiple Platforms
    • Discover why you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in the Facebook basket
  2. Focus on Content Creation
    • How Google’s Hummingbird algorithm will affect the way we publish content
  3. Update Web Design AND Copy
    •   Making sure your web copy makes you sound human
  4. Improve Video SEO
    • Your videos are online: How will people find them?

Connecting with customers means knowing where to find them. Facebook isn’t the only place users hang out….

#1. Develop a Social Media Strategy across Multiple Platforms

Social media is the ticket to being discovered online. The more content you’re sharing with your fans, the more likely it will be shared with their friends, families, and coworkers.

Shareable content makes your business more visible online and helps new customers find you (more on that later…). For existing customers, social media is the proof that your company is run by humans and that your company is accessible.

“Three in five consumers interact with brands on social media. The most popular channel is Facebook, which 55 percent of consumers report engaging with brands on, followed by Twitter (21 percent) and Pinterest (10 percent).” ~ ReelSEO

Facebook and Twitter are huge but they aren’t the only social networks out there. Keep in mind that social networking sites can be abandoned almost overnight. Seriously, remember Myspace?


Molding your strategy solely around Facebook could put you in a difficult spot in the future. In fact, Facebook admits that organic reach posts are gradually decreasing. If you aren’t paying to advertise on Facebook, then your fans may not see your posts.

So you can either start paying to advertise on Facebook or branch out to other social networks. Every platform is different and each one has their strengths.

  • Google+ — One-way following and sharing photos, videos and animated GIFs.
    • It’s Google! By sharing through Google+ your images will appear in search results, which means more clicks to your website. Google+ is visually appealing. It’s a great network for a creative company with lots of images, videos, or blogs to share.
  • LinkedIn — B2B Networking.
    • LinkedIn is a place to strictly talk business. It has a rich set of professional groups and job boards with professionals seeking to network and learn from other professionals.
  • Twitter – Instant news and Site Updates.
    • Twitter is a real-time updater and useful for customer support. Currently, Twitter doesn’t give posts priority in your feed – You see updates as they happen. Since Twitter has gone public, companies can also advertise on Twitter. Now that photos appear in a Twitter feed brands can dominate next to the other text posts.
  • Facebook – Sharing pictures and updates with friends and family.
    • Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the US. It’s great for sharing promotions, interacting with customers, and maintaining relevancy.

Be social! It’s called ‘social’ media for a reason. Strike up a conversation with customers and other businesses. You build and strengthen your online presence even if you only comment to say, “Hey, awesome post!” It keeps the community aware of your presence and they may be more inclined to use your business in the future.

Of course, the biggest key to success across all of these platforms is creating high quality, shareable content. It’s no surprise that the next item for 2014 is…