There are many different ways to add visual interest to video productions. Using motion helps the video to flow, adds production value and changes the viewer’s perspective. At All Pro Media, our Cinevate Duzi Camera Slider helps create smooth camera movements.

Now, unless you’re into camera gear or filmmaking, you may not know what a camera slider is, however, it’s likely you’ve seen the results of one in use. Camera sliders basically consist of little more than a carriage on rails. Mount a camera on the carriage and slide the camera back and forth on the rails for smooth pans, pushes, and pulls. Sliders can be used for things like tracking shots when you’re sliding the camera to follow a subject. They can also be used for reveal shots when the camera is panned to show more of a scene.

While there are many ways to create camera motion during production, we love the camera slider because it allows movement without the hassles of laying dolly track. Just two or three feet of camera movement can add a lot of production value for very little cost and work. The Cinevate Duzi Camera Slider is also perfect to grab and go on any shoot because it’s so compact and light-weight, yet has a load capacity of up to 75 pounds. We also have another dolly that runs on a 6’ long plastic beam when longer movement is needed.

A camera slider may seem like a simple piece of equipment, but don’t underestimate its uses and mounting possibilities. The slider can be positioned on the ground or on apple boxes; mounted on a tripod or suspended between two C-stands. It can even be mounted vertically to simulate a pedestal movement and more to create various angles and effects. We rely on the slider because it creates near-silent camera movements that are always smooth and consistent.
Aside from our own production uses, our camera slider is also available for rental at For more information on camera sliders, be sure to watch our video: