Carolina Eye Prosthetics is a family-owned business that creates custom mold eye prosthetics for patients. They are the first accredited ocularist practice in the country and located right here in Alamance County. We launched their first website way back in 2008. As we’ve said before, a lot changes in the world wide web in just a few years. User experience and Smartphone use has increased in the past 6 years. Carolina Eye Prosthetics wanted their patients to get more out of the website from any device they used. The solution: A responsive design.

Responsive web design is one that adjusts easily from desktop to tablet to mobile device. It’s 3 different versions of the same design for one website.

The most cost-effective way to do this was to use a WordPress template. Using templates rather than building a site from scratch saves time and money for our clients. The custom modifications, content flow and design features that we add make the website come alive for website visitors.

Here are some of the features of this responsive design:

Responsive Web Design Advantages

Click to Call

One of the most convenient features of this new design is the ‘click to call’ function. If you view the website from your Smartphone, the phone number appears at the top of the homepage. When you’re ready to make an appointment, all you have to do is touch the phone number on your screen. It will take you to the keypad of your phone and allow you to call.



The FAQ section is easier to read on desktop and on mobile. The design has an accordion effect. All questions are listed on the screen. When you click a question, the answer slides down and the previous question slides back up. That way you’re only seeing one answer at a time with other questions still visible. This is especially useful on the smaller mobile screen so you don’t have to scroll as much.



The navigation menu on the mobile version of the site is a checklist instead of a line of links. There’s no zooming in on the page to make links bigger so that you can click them. The links are listed clearly and easy to select.


Carolina Eye Prosthetics

These are all the tip of the iceberg with the new Carolina Eye Prosthetics website. They also have staff bios, service pages and downloadable documents.

Go ahead and take a look. Tell us what you think!