Fall is a Season of Change

By now I’m sure most of us have had pumpkin flavoring in some form or another.  The air is crisp, clean and invigorating, and the leaves are falling more and more with each passing day.  Fires burn in the distance, supplying fresh scents that make you feel cozy.  The weekends are busy with many lounging around televisions, watching the gladiators of our era battle it out on the gridiron.  For many of us, this is the best time of the year.  It is a season that shows us a lot of change, and gives us so much nostalgia.  It reminds us of fresh feelings like starting back to school and spending time with friends and family.

As a company, we get to experience all of this in combination with our schedule.  The Fall also provides some elements that enhance our video productions.  If you are a photographer or videographer, then you know to what we are referring.

The harsh, overhead light of Summer starts to soften as the Sun changes its position.  That doesn’t mean we can shoot easily in the middle of the day, but the light is less ugly.  The morning and evening light is simply gorgeous.  Foliage life begins to die, so colors start to pop and enliven the landscape with purple, yellow, orange and red   There are more atmospheric elements to use in our shots, such as fog and dark, grey clouds.  Fall landscapes are hard to beat, period.

Our Productions

We divide our time shooting fairly even between indoor and outdoor productions, so the Fall is wonderful for us.  Our schedule is still very busy, and we are running around all over the state.  The subjects we tackle change as much as the places we shoot.  We also have new equipment that we have been testing and perfecting, and some of the new gear has opened new doors for us.  We are ready and excited for these fresh challenges.

A sitcom has been added to our portfolio.  While some of us have experience in television and film, producing a sitcom was a very new experience.  We haven’t wrapped all of production yet, but we will soon and what a learning endeavor it turned out to be!  I believe the overall confidence of our crew has been elevated.

A long project that we started over the Summer is beginning to wind down to the editing process.  We can’t divulge too many details, but the gig supported a cause for children that is very worthwhile.  It gave us all more insight to grow not only with the project, but also as people.  We have cherished our time spent with all of the amazing individuals involved.

Lately, we have shot scenes inside a city park, an industrial warehouse, a large work bay and much more.  But perhaps the most interesting job we have picked up is in a field of high controversy—politics.

The Election

Our company President made the decision at the end of Summer to procure a presidential teleprompter for our lineup.  The name itself gives away as to how they differ from other models.  They are sleek and subtle, nearly invisible unless you are looking for them.

It’s an election year, so it turned out to be the correct move and a timely buy.  We offer the presidential teleprompter package complete with an operator.  Depending on the speaker, you get one or two of us.  This means that lately we have entered arenas and events that are very new to our company.  We have run teleprompter for Michelle Obama, Donald Trump and Tim Kaine.  All we can say is these have been experiences that will be remembered forever, and we still have more to come before November.

Looking Forward

Excited and blessed are the two words that express how we feel as a company.  The new work and fresh season provides the thrill, and the steady workflow and wonderful people we encounter make up the blessings.  We love what we do, and look forward to the future with the same perspective.

Halloween will soon be here, then we will blink and hear the roar of the crowd in Time Square as the ball drops.  We will be into another Season with more change.  And that excites us even more.