I just sent this in an email to a client, but thought I’d post it here for everyone’s benefit.

Just a few tips about using Twitter for businesses:

  1. # of tweets is an important factor people consider when following, so tweet often. At least once a day. Important stuff can be tweeted a few times throughout the day to make sure everyone sees it, but I wouldn’t do this regularly. Twitter is for fresh content.
  2. Be interesting. Let your personality shine through so you are not a faceless business.
  3. Don’t use it as a sales pitch tool. Use it more
    1. to point out interesting stuff about things happening in your field
    2. link to educational material that people who are interested in your product would be interested in
    3. let people know about product specials and contests
    4. having (brief) conversations with your followers, or answer questions
  4. Many people will follow you in return if you follow them. So follow lots of people. Start off looking for people specifically interested in your business or product, and follow them.
    1. Follow people like
      1. industry associations and organizations
      2. similar products
      3. other professionals in the industry
      4. people in peripheral industries who may have an interest in your product. For example, if you have a golf product, you could follow doctors, lawyers, accountants, CEOs, people who may play golf, etc
  5. If someone follows you, it’s always good to reply with a quick thanks and howdy, just to open the communication and let them know you care. And don’t forget, follow them back.
  6. When linking to articles and websites, etc, use a URL shortening service to condense long links. We like http://bit.ly because you can create an account and it will track the number of clicks your links get, and a few other statistics.