In a completely darkened gym with carefully controlled lighting, the All Pro Media team adjusted their cameras and lighting to begin filming one of their most exciting projects yet. Born out of a simple storyboard and inspired by Clint Eastwood’s half-time America commercial and a Nike basketball commercial, the GKN Driveline video production proved to be an awe-inspiring project. The vision for this commercial was brought to life including a three day video production shoot at multiple GKN facilities in North Carolina and a basketball court in Burlington, NC.

Using a jib crane, controlled lighting and a fog machine the production was shot at 60 frames per second which allowed for smoother slow motion.  Dynamic working scenes filmed at GKN along with the intense action from the basketball shoot were woven together in this video production.

Once in the editing suite, a color treatment referred to as color grading added additional depth and intensity to the drama and the end result was a finished product that both All Pro Media and GKN are proud to have been a part of.

David Whetton – VP Operations GKN Driveline USA said, “To think that a vision created on a piece of paper one day, could be realized as a short movie of the highest quality standard one and a half weeks later is staggering. All Pro has been able to convert our challenging project into a finished production that any Hollywood movie maker would be proud of, through their own creativity and interpretation. My expectations have been exceeded, both in terms of the final product and the professional way that they interacted with us to bring it home. Mind blowing!”

GKN is a global engineering group that employees 44,000 employees in 30 countries and their Driveline division is the world’s leading supplier of automotive driveline systems and solutions.