We’d be lying to say we didn’t have fun at our video shoot with All-Nets 5’9” @ 9 last weekend. We had the pleasure of live-streaming their Basketball League tournament that took place in Greensboro, NC. In a sport where being under 6’0” is a handicap, many talented athletes never get the opportunity to play in the major leagues.

The referee blows the whistle.
Bounce. Dribble. Bounce. Squeak!
Slam dunk! The crowd roars!

The organization’s goal is to allow these talented players to prove their skill regardless of height. The players are 5’9” and shorter and the basketball rim is lowered to 9-feet.  What this league of players lacks in height, they make up for in talent. The game had us on the edge or our seats as we followed the action from one side of the court to the other.

Multi-Camera Live Streaming

This multi-camera production took place in two separate basketball courts. There were three cameras on court A, plus a camera in a remote interview room.  Those were tied into a HD production switcher that fed the live stream.  Court B had a single camera that fed a separate live stream. In total, we used five cameras for this multi-camera shoot.