Kessler Second Shooter Plus Kit

Hardware Features: 

Great build quality that can survive harsh conditions.  The design is compact and can easily fit into your already existing camera bag.  You can also separate the pan and tilt axis for easier travel.  It has amazing stability with a low-profile.  Magnalink integration allows you to keep the controller and accessories organized.  And you won’t need your intervalometer because the Second Shooter has one built-in.  You can also control the speed and torque via the quick-change pulley system.  The system itself is very quiet and will not upset your audio.  The turntable feature is great for users seeking to add another movement to their shots.  A built-in level allows you to maintain a steady horizon, and a flashlight is also attached for location shooting.

Software Features:

KOS integration brings the power and features of CineDrive’s kOS software.  You can Key Frames and setup a movement you desire, then let the Second Shooter do the work.  There is also a manual mode for those who prefer that option.  You can also bridge two controllers for more axis control.  Repeating the same motion is as easy as pushing a button.


  • Day Rate: $125
  • Weekend Rate: $180
  • Week Rate: $375