Barn Dinner Theatre video production

Three video cameras directed live was the order of the evening as All Pro Media assisted another video production company with equipment and personnel at the Barn Dinner Theatre in Greensboro, NC October 8th. The occasion was the theatrical performance of “The Service At Rocky Bluff”, a musical play about friendship and how we influence each other for good.

The equipment list for the widescreen multi camera production included three JVC digital video cameras connected through component cables to the video switcher. Each camera had remote zoom and focus for better control while shooting and the camera operators were in communication with the director using a Clear-Com headset system. The director had separate monitors for each camera, plus a 15” control monitor for program and a smaller 9” portable monitor for record confidence. Further a Tektronix portable waveform monitor and vectorscope provided additional assurance that camera levels were set correctly. In addition to recording the switched feed, each camera recorded to digital videotape allowing for total control in the editing.

Tolly Carr, a local producer with Viewfinders Media of Winston-Salem, NC remarked on the experience saying, “Kevin was great and everything was smooth… everything looked really good. If we need another setup like that we’ll call you for sure.”

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