Outdoor Advertising in Burlington North Carolina has gotten easier with the Digital Billboard on I-40/I-85 at Maple Avenue.  Dubbed the “Alamance Billboard” All Pro Media has partnered with the billboard owners to assist with the sales and marketing of this local outdoor advertising option.

At the core of the project is the new website designed by All Pro Media at www.AlamanceBillboard.com.  It features location and traffic details, pricing, and even a live web cam showing the current ads on the billboard.  Additionally, complementary postcards were designed and printed that promote outdoor advertising options “as low as $10 per day”.

The real benefits to digital billboards are the eye catching graphics and the ability to post and change ads quickly.  Additionally, the ever changing display catches viewers eyes, directing their attention to the message. If you are looking to expand your image in Burlington or Graham North Carolina then Alamance Billboard may be right for you. For more information contact us at 336-223-0300.