There are many ways to promote an event, and TV can be one of the most powerful methods. What can be especially challenging though is conveying to viewers the highlights of an outdoor event in a remote area of North Carolina and accomplishing it in 15 seconds to maximize ad frequency. That is where a supporting website comes in.

All Pro Media took on this advertising task for the Silk Hope Ruritans to promote their annual 2010 events starting with Farm Heritage Day on April 17th. The website at was created to highlight four key events sponsored by the Ruritans even though they already have a website for their organization. This special purpose site allowed a shorter domain name (URL) to be used on TV ads, plus made user navigation to the event info much easier than would have been possible using the clubs current web site.

The website at was published using a framework customized by All Pro Media on a Content Management System (CMS) platform. A CMS website allows site owners the ability to easily add and edit content without the assistance of web developers. Alan Kirby, company owner noted that “more and more customers are demanding their web site be developed using a Content Management System due in part to its popularity and the many benefits.”