Biscuitville is a regional icon founded in Burlington North Carolina nearly 40 years ago. Specializing in made from scratch biscuits, this privately held fast-food chain now has over 50 restaurants. Recently they decided to archive their audio and video files from tape to digital storage and called on All Pro Media for help.

There were boxes full of audio cassettes and reel-to-reel audio tapes in addition to VHS, Umatic (3/4” video cassettes) and some Betacam SP tapes for transfer. Much of the material was commercials for radio and TV dating back to the 1980s and 90s. “There were even a few TV commercials that I personally edited on 1” video reels back in the 1980’s while working as senior editor at AMI Video Post” said Alan Kirby, company president at All Pro Media.

As part of the audio and video archiving service, spreadsheets were created as a guide to the material listing the original dates, title, length, producer and more. Digital archival of older company audio and video programs is becoming more commonplace. In addition to overcoming the inconvenience of not having the proper players anymore to listen or view the older formats, tapes have a limited shelf life and will eventually become brittle and unplayable.

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