The ball dropped, midnight struck and 2020 came to an end. The year most people would choose to forget was finally over, ushering in a fresh one with renewed hope. The feeling of elation echoed throughout every community across the globe as we looked into a brighter future, together.

Like after a shower, we felt cleansed of the dirt and grime brought on by a hard twelve months. We exhaled collectively and let our shoulders drop.

2020 taught us anything worth knowing, we all learned that we are not made of glass and our species is tougher than we remember. We are resilient and 2021 will be better. Say it with me. Will. Be. Better.

As a company, we are blessed. When COVID wrapped its tentacles around all the businesses in America, we felt a smaller impact compared to many others. Because our work hinges on the production of other companies, if they are busy so are we.

We kept our nose to the grindstone and took every lead and referral and converted as many as possible.

The pandemic also led to us adapting and focusing on the gigs that were essential. Live Events became Live Virtual Events streamed to anyone and to anywhere.

Conferences, Charity Events, Auctions, Meetings, Large Events—these simulated gatherings were essential not only to the businesses and to the people involved, but also to us and our continued success during a difficult year.

The way we adapted our Video Production routine for Corporate Videos and Commercials was simple—we obeyed Social Distancing policies and wore masks while doing so. This involved using less personnel whenever possible and limiting the number of bodies on set.

We did not run into any awkward situations and always felt everyone was working towards the same goal. The feeling has not gone away, and there is a sense of togetherness regarding what we’ve shared.

Hard times tend to bring people onto the same page, and as a company, we are all geared in the same direction. Our goals are clear, and our roles are defined to reach them. We take in every morning with a fresh breath of renewed energy—just like we all did at the stroke of midnight.

The months ahead will provide struggles, but it was during those difficult days we learned the most about ourselves. 2021 will be what we make it, and together we can make it better—we can even make it great.