When DNA:SI Labs, LODIS Worldwide Inc. approached All Pro Media to create a new marketing plan in 2012 they knew their service had lots of promise for law enforcement agencies. The problem was telling the story in a concise and compelling way to police chiefs, city officials, district attorneys and other decision makers. Their service called LODIS™ was developed to provide DNA based evidence testing at affordable rates for local law enforcement agencies. Using batch processing and harnessing computer technology their methods resulted in identifying 100 times more suspects than previous methods.

Following a review of their present marketing materials and methods, All Pro Media proposed a new marketing and branding strategy, video production, logo and website design, print materials plus graphic design for a trade show booth. Our in-house capabilities and strength in advertising, video and web production made us the logical choice to take on the project.

Branding Strategy

Logo Design: LODIS Worldwide

The first challenge was to develop a branding strategy that would become the overarching guide to marketing and production. A review of their present materials including website, brochures and videos illustrated the lack of consistent theme or design. This makes it harder for customers to understand your story and connect the dots. The resulting plan ended up including a new name for marketing the LODIS™ service, a redesigned logo, slogan or tag line and over two dozen key copy points to better define their service.

Video Production

To produce the video our video crew travelled out-of-state to locations including Palm Bay, Florida and Bensalem, Pennsylvania to interview key customers using the LODISTM service. There were so many great interviews and statements about the results of the DNA investigative service that more than two dozen interviews have been included throughout the new company website in addition to the comprehensive marketing video plus 90 second teaser version used as a company introduction.

Website Design


During the branding strategy phase it was determined that the LODIS™ brand would best be served by a separate website for LODIS Worldwide. LODISWorldwide.com was designed with appeal for their key customers with lots of photos, videos, graphics, a rotating panel on the home page and more. Of course the message was of high importance, and the services of a professional writer was included as part of the process. Designed on a CMS platform (Content Management System) allows company staff to make changes and additions to the web site. Emphasis was made at creating a site that is “SEO Friendly” for best placement with search engines like Google and Yahoo.