Luckily, at all Pro Media we have a wide selection of microphones to fit any production or presentation. Whether you need to record a narration track, give a major corporate presentation on stage, or record the dialogue for a film, we can help you select the right equipment.

Microphone Selection for Perfect Audio

Shotgun and Hypercardioid

For television interviews, shotgun or hypercardioid are the perfect choice. These are highly directional; both mics reject sound to the side and rear and prioritize sound in front. The microphones are typically placed overhead, in front of the presenter using a boom pole. While the shotgun mic is usually the go to option, the hypercardioid is often preferred for indoor spaces.  Both mic styles excel at capturing dialogue while rejecting background noises.

Lavaliere/Lapel and Head-worn

For theater, public speaking and some on camera use lavaliere microphones are a good choice. These small microphones can be clipped onto the collar or clothing, providing hands-free operation.  Wireless lavaliere are a great option for presenters who need to talk and move around at the same time.

The head-worn is a popular alternative to a lavaliere mic. Since this kind of microphone is closer to the speaker’s mouth, it provides a higher sound level before feedback while reducing ambient noise around the presenter. Many singers and professional public speakers use head-worn microphones.

Handheld Microphones

Should be familiar to all readers, yet there are several varieties within this classification.  Some are wired while others are wireless.  Some are designed to minimize feedback (unidirectional) for on stage use with a PA system.  Others excel at picking up voices in close proximity from all directions (omnidirectional).  They are great for a typical back-and-forth interview scenario. All of the handheld mikes at All Pro Media are shock resistant to reduce handling noise while keeping the audio crisp and clear.

Other Notable Microphones

Aside from the major categories above, All Pro Media keeps boundary and large diaphragm microphones in our arsenal. Boundary microphones are omnidirectional, meaning they pick up sound in all different directions. These microphones are extremely useful during conferences as they can record various speakers around a table. Large diaphragm microphones are perfect for recording voice-over or narrations, and work especially well in our isolation sound booth.

Knowing the best audio equipment to use in each situation will help your productions sound as good as the picture – perfect. All of the microphones mentioned in this post are available for production or rental. For more information, be sure to watch our quick microphone selection guide video below.