It’s a new year, which means new equipment for our team including five new LED lights from the Dracast Pro series.  These new lights are very energy efficient, run cool to the touch and are dimmable.  Additionally, most can run on battery power, making them quick to set up and move around.  The Dracast LED lights feature an exceptional color rendition rating (boasting a CRI greater than 95) which ensures the color captured on camera will be accurate.

Dracast LED1000 & LED500 Pro Daylight Lights

Four of our new LED lights include 500 and 1,000 watt equivalent Dracast Pro Lights. These lights are very similar, except the LED1000 is larger and more powerful than the LED500. Weighing only 5.5 and 4 lbs respectively, these LED lights are the perfect choice for studio work or work in the field. The LED’s (5600K) daylight-balance matches the sun’s natural color temperature. When appropriate, the color temperature can be modified with gels to match other lighting types.

Dracast Fresnel 1000 Daylight LED Light

The other new addition to our lighting arsenal is the Dracast Fresnel 1000 Daylight LED Light. This light is extremely powerful and gives the user vast control. Its light output can be narrowly focused and bright, or more spread out.  Barn doors add additional lighting control. One of the main advantages of the Fresnel is how smoothly it spreads light across the field.

Convenience and Efficiency with LEDs

Working with LED fixtures creates new possibilities for video production.  The lights are dimmable from 0-100% and most can be powered by battery. That makes these lightweight LEDs convenient and versatile. Since the lights also run cool to the touch, moving around during shoots is quicker. Finally, these LEDs are extremely energy efficient, consuming a fraction of the power of traditional lights.

In addition to production use, all of our new LED lights are available for rental at  Here’s to a brighter 2016.