We learn early in life how to respond to visual cues. Mom or dad’s smile or frown ruled our world.  These stimulants helped us learn to connect.  With repetition, they became our driving force for recognition.   It’s vital in today’s advertising climate to treat your consumers with the same consideration.  You need to gain their attention with visual campaigns and then teach them about you.  Showcase your brand best through a commercial. 

Commercials give the greatest Return On Investment (ROI) than any other form of advertising.  They connect, engage and convert your audience automatically.  Commercials can be a driving force for more revenue and it can gain you long lasting relationships for your business.  But first things first, how do you want people to view your company?

What Makes YOU Different?


Every company has a USP or Unique Selling Point.  It’s what makes you different when compared to the competition.  Your commercial needs to highlight this feature and explain how it benefits your audience.  This puts your brand in demand.  People are more likely to buy something if the experience feels more exclusive.  Experience is key these days and a great commercial can provide just that.


Who Wants YOU?


Now that you’ve identified your USP, it’s time to figure out who wants your product.  It’s not hard to determine who buys your brand and why.  Through tools like Google Analytics, you can find out most of what you need to target an audience.  The audience you choose will indicate the best time to show your commercial and on what channels.  You can also tailor your commercial to oblige the content typically shown on a specific network.  The more you know about your audience, the better you can sell to them.


Show the World Who YOU Are

Your brand is you and the main goal is to show the public that you exist.  But don’t get lazy with your approach.  Make sure the story has a direction and a purpose so it can guide your audience.  Your commercial should answer the five W’s:  Who, What, When, Where and Why.  The content must be engaging to gain reaction from your audience, so choose a creative team to produce it (Hire Us  😉).  Your audience is smart because they watch more videos than ever before in history.  The majority of American households contain at least one television and watching is the way many of us stay informed.  This means TV commercials have more impact than a written ad, and the potential to reach a broader audience.  And your audience is paying attention.

Be Conscious

People assume big things about a company if they see a commercial.  It makes your business seem larger and more established.  Commercials cost money and your audience knows that.  Seeing your brand on television is a confirmation that you can handle their business.  Perception is everything even when it isn’t, and you need to capitalize on that fact.  People enjoy spending money on things that make them happy, so put a smile on their face with a commercial about your brand.  And we can do more than just help you with that.