At All Pro Media, we are suckers for a good story. There’s something about following a person or object through a series of events that makes you feel intimately connected. The more the story reminds of our own lives, the further the impact goes. That relationship is what matters to us when we are creating narratives for our clients. We have customized many videos throughout the years to fit varying needs. But one thing seems to be missing: Our story.

Back to the 80’s

Every story has a beginning and for us it all started with our owner Alan Kirby. Alan was a musician that travelled an enormous amount all over the east coast, the Midwest and the northern parts of the country. All things eventually change and with Alan’s life it was no different. Family life began to take hold with a wife and kids, so settling down became a necessity. Being a musician, Alan wanted to pursue a new career that provided him with a creative outlet. He found himself standing outside of American Multimedia Inc. (AMI) in Burlington, NC and decided that if they’d have him, he would embark on his new station in life right here.


AMI hired Alan and within a short time he began working as an editor using what was then state-of-the-art 1-inch videotape machines controlled by proprietary computer systems to do his cutting. During his stint at AMI, Alan worked on nationally syndicated TV shows and commercials and eventually rose to the rank of Senior Editor. His gained experience gave him perspective on the changing landscape of technology in the industry.

One of the biggest transitions of our industry is better technology becoming affordable for the masses. At one point, if you didn’t have a large bank roll, then you couldn’t offer the quality that was needed. While there is still a comparison to that now in some respects, you honestly no longer need the same proportional finances to offer an outstanding result. That wave of change truly started in the late 80’s and Alan wanted to learn how to proverbially surf.

All Pro Video

In the early 80’s, Alan saw AMI invest a small fortune into new equipment. By the end of that decade, he noticed he could acquire tools with similar capability and quality but pay much less. So, he did. Alan started All Pro Video and began servicing clients and the rest, as they say, is history. But for this article, we’ll keep the details rolling.

Alan was still using computer-controlled tape-based technology to do his editing. It wasn’t long before computers became powerful enough to replace the tape decks being used to edit projects. If you have ever used a tape or film bed to do your editing, then you know how absolutely beneficial computer editing was to our industry. While any form of editing is tedious, the digital workflow is far superior and saves you time and money. Alan embraced this new approach and also realized another change in the landscape.

All Pro Media

Each client has different needs and All Pro was good at taking care of them. But sometimes those demands extended beyond the help of our doors, and Alan identified a niche that would be his place. Not only did our clients need video, but they also needed websites and advertising. Alan knew the industry and understood his company was ready to do more. So, All Pro Video became All Pro Media.

Since those long-gone days of the 1990’s, we have been hard at work shooting corporate videos and commercials, designing websites, advertising for our clients, live streaming conferences and events and also facilitating live event productions all over North Carolina and the United States. We have worked with big brands like Lowe’s and the U.S. Army along with countless scores of local and regional businesses.

The most important thing we’ve learned throughout the years is that people are our business. This has allowed us to better connect and grow within our surrounding community. Alan saw great potential when he started All Pro Video all those years ago, and he knew then that people would make the difference between success and failure. And over 30 years later, here we are still using the same principles to continue to grow.