Go outside on a crowded street, look up, and see how many will look up with you. My guess is that around 80% of the people that pass will mimic your actions. At least that’s what happened in a 1969 experiment where a group of people looked up at the sky and found that the majority of people who saw them followed suit.

And that, ladies and gents, is what we call social proof. As we mentioned in a previous article, social proof is “a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others reflect the correct behavior for a given situation.” Customer testimonials are a form of social proof that allows potential buyers to connect with those who are similar to them. This kind of assurance does a great deal to boost…


Potential buyers tend to be skeptical of claims made by companies. Businesses can list their services, prices, and products but they can’t convince a potential consumer that they are a pleasure to work with. Client testimonials serve as an unbiased voice of approval. They provide insight into a company’s professionalism, quality, and even their personality. Let’s face it; No one wants to be a company’s learning experience. Video testimonials prove that your company has a track record – one that’s worth praising.

Where a word from a satisfied customer makes your claims credible; a word from the right person instills confidence. Add a cherry on top by featuring clients who are influential in the community or who know a lot about your product (and competition).

Create stories, not a sales pitch

The stories told by clients are worth so much more than the most eloquent thought-out copy. Despite our tech-heavy, isolationist culture we are naturally social creatures. We want to hear about the experiences of other people. We crave truth and sincerity. A story told by your client doesn’t feel like a gimmick. It feels like a conversation.

Connecting through video

In addition to other great reasons to use video for your client testimonials — Hearing someone talk about their experience appeals to us on a higher level than reading one or two properly placed quotes. A video gives the viewer a sense of familiarity with the person they’re watching. The visualization of someone’s face light up when they talk about a product or service reinforces the lovely things they have to say. Their sincerity will shine through.